Gentle giantess/lips/mouth clip swallowing

Time: 00:07:29 Format: MP4, 1920x1080 Size: 236.37 MB Uploaded: 05/28/2018
Russian Beauty Ukraine Joined 05/19/2018 11:41 am

Custom request : Another gentle giantess/lips/mouth clip request similar to the first one. This is an overview since 1500 characters is not really enough to explain this request. Main focus of this request is again your face mostly from the point of view of a tiny man on a table or desk with you towering over him (playfully) threatening to get him into your mouth and swallow him. Most of the clip should be framed close to your face. I'll follow-up with an email with the script details. Here's an overview: 1) Put on lipstick with camera recording from close by; 2) Record some side views of your face with some lip licking with your mouth a bit open; 3) Recognize the tiny man on the table below you; 4) Playfully bring your face close while slowly opening your mouth and showing how deep your mouth is, and showing your tongue; 5) using the piece of glass as a table, put a small piece of candy or a grape on the piece of glass. With the camera underneath the glass, lean down and slowly pull the candy on the glass into your mouth using your tongue and lips on the glass. Highest definition video as you did on the first clip. And again, I'd prefer the clip without your nose jewelry. Thanks!