Stucked and Fucked

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This is my first porn movie what I've shot in the kitchen ! If you like "stucked and fucked" POV style clips, this clip will be your favorite. Im wearing high heels, with fishnet bodysuit and black wig. Im a hotwife, who gets stuck into the sink, and youll save me! :D

Im trying on my new fishnet lingerie at home, and accidentally drop my ring into the sink. Ill try to get it, but my hand get stuck. Ill call my d4ughter but she is out of town, so she will send you to help me ! Youll try to pull me out, but my ass grinding against your lap, and youll get a boner. Youll slide your dick inside me, and We're gonna start fucking. My daugther will call me to see if you got there ( while wer'e fucking ). At some point ill get free, and we continue the sex in the livingroom. I want to repay the favor, so youll get a hot blowjob and youll fuck me in different positions . While you pound my pussy, my d4ughter will call me again! Ill pick up the phone , while riding you. Im a HOT MILF. X"D