Darling in the franxx 002 Sharing Sweets with U

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Darling! I've been dying to see you all day ! I know you've been thinking about watching me ;) I smile and wink to you ^^ On the bed I have some sweets, milk syrop, a thick dildo, a whisk, a spoon and a vibrator. First I remove my boots, spread my toes, massage one of my feet, then rip my stocking to expose my toes. I drip some milk syrop on my toes, then rub it in and lick it off my fingers and toes. . Next I lay and spread my legs, start teasing my clit, and then play with my ass. Some ass to pussy and playing with juices on my clit. I grab the dildo and slide it in pussy, fucking myself slow at first, finger my ass and start fucking faster and faster. Then switch dildo in ass and fingers in pussy, thumb teasing my clit. Swapping it ass to pussy, pussy to ass few times. Playing with milk syrop around my asshole, licking fingers clean. Taking out my pussy juices with spoon and swallow it ,picking up the whisk, start fucking my pussy with the handle at first and then playing with my ass at the same time. Then lasrge end of the whisk. Candies time! Ass and pussy stuffing, then grab the vibrator and use it until I cum, playing with my nipples. Few times cumming ^^ Pushing them out..