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Harley is aware of your plan to RAT on the Joker. Everyone knows she loves tor.ture more than he does so your waking up tied to a chair in her presence means you're in for some real trouble! She knows you've been talking to Batman and wants to know his secret identity. Won't talk? Well, you will once you inhale her special concoction of Ivy's pheromone-pollen, laughing gas, and Scarecrow's fear toxin. The instant you breathe it in you start to feel the effects. Harley drops her top, exposing her big full breasts which instantly hy.pnotize you into writing down all your dirty little secrets including Batman's REAL name. She's not done with you yet though. Harley takes out a small box containing spiders and dumps them onto you. These little spiders will chomp on you if you squirt, which is inevitable with her divine ass in your face and hand stroking your cock!! You're doomed. Don't you know what happens when you snitch on Harley's Puddin'? The only good rat is a D3.AD rat.

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