Smell My Butt! KO

Time: 00:07:50 Format: MP4, 1280x720 Size: 138.33 MB Uploaded: 08/07/2018
Gia the Giant Canada Joined 08/02/2018 4:06 pm

Gia has some new Yoga Pants that make her ass look so good! She makes Trent touch them and feel how silky they feel. She then grabs his head and makes him smell her butt. He is totally engulfed in her butt as she smotthers him grabbing his hair. She pushes him onto the ground and sits on his face making him tap for her to get off. She continues with a reverse face sit, smotthering him with her spandex booty. She makes him rip off her pants as she is getting too hot! She pulls her body suit up her butt giving herself a big wedgie and sits right on Trent's face, she sits ignoring his taps making him KO!