2KOS Between My Thigh Is Where You Belong

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Gia wants to see Trent wrestle her with all of his strength. He's just as tall as Gia so he should be able to hold his own...right?! Gia get's Trent in a standing scissor hold from the beginning and brings him down. He taps repeatedly and Gia decides that she's gonna start to ignore his taps. Gia holds Trent in a head scissor and then he gets knocked out! Gia laughs and continues to submit Trent with her brutally strong thighs. Gia releases him from her thighs only to get smotthered by her big butt as she has him tapping try to escape. She then gets him in a reverse scissor knocking him out again and this time he is out a while and is so confused as to what happened Gia plays asking him what happened and leaves him out colld and confused.