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So want to serve the Mo.ther of Dragons? You want to pledge your unyielding love, devotion, and loyalty to her? Grey Worm could use another body to help lead the troops...but to serve her, especially as a leader, you will need to pass three trials. This is the second. It is not enough to simply declare your love for your queen. You must devote yourself to every last aspect of her being, love every little detail about her existence. Even....her farts! She is very gassy after the dinner prepared for her in Meereen and she will be releasing all of the gas she has in your face. You are bound and helpless with only two options...smell every last blast and enjoy it...or fail your queen and suffer the consequences. She bends over in front of you and lets them, coaxing you to take each one to prove your love for her. Anything for your Khaleesi! This is a parody.

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