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Femme Fatale Agency: where males request their under the control of women. Desperate because of financial problems, with a fetish for femme fatales or for any reason, if a man enters into the FFA, he can be sure he will never leave it alive.

Scene 1: In this scene, the customer arrives at Mandy's office, unsure of what to expect. Alex is overwelmed with debt, ruined by his divorce, and feels he is unable to cope with what is left in life. He's come to FFA seeking an escape, an end. The only thing required is documents signed stating the inheritence all goes to Mandy. She calls in her nurse (me) to escort him to the exec.ution room.

Scene 2: As I take Alex to the room, Mandy prepares herself for her ritual. She is very excited, very horny to carry out Alex's end.

Scene 3: Meanwhile, I am preparing Alex. I ask him to remove all his clothes so I can gag his mouth and bind him to the table. He is very nervous at this point. Once he is prepped, I call in Boss Mandy.

Scene 4: "Alex is ready." Mandy walks over to inspect the client, caressing him gently with a gloved hand. She begins to explain what will happen to him. She injects his testicles with a serum that will extract all his energy from his body and concentrate it into his sperm. It also will effect him mentally, so all he can think about is ejaculating. His balls will ache, worse than any case of blue balls.This serum will allow one, last, FINAL orgasm. Customer is now very afraid, but once injected is very aroused. Mandy places a condom on him to collect the final proof of him having lived; his sperm. Mandy sits on his face and I kiss her, getting him excited. He releases, and so does his spirit. I then place his condom into my box of many collected condoms. (Obviously not our first client *evil grin*)