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I'm your girlfriend and nurse, have lured you into a very secure medical bondage under the pretense of a standard procedure. You are bound, gagged and wearing a chastity device. I reveal to you that I want revenge for you cheating on me and that I have committed you to the closed ward for the next years. I smile and talk with a sweet, but matter-of-fact voice. I tease you mercilessly, taunting you. I tease you with my nylon covered legs and ass. I slowly remove my heels and let you sni.ff my feet. I repeatedly remind you of how helpless you are, that there's absolutely nothing you can do, you can't move, you can't call for help or tell anyone what I'm doing to you. I will make you a cuckold, fuck with other men while you're trapped there and bring you their condoms to eat their cum. I will tease you like that every day and I won't ever let you cum.

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