Goddess Meiko vs Sarah Brooke

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An “Old” School Beatdown!

(Women’s Singles Wrestling, Apartment, Bikini, Female Domination, Rookie vs Veteran)

A debuting Goddess Meiko Jane, makes the mistake of calling veteran Sarah Brooke old, and suffers severely for doing so, getting beaten pretty much within an inch of her life by the enraged redhead in a bikini wrestling match destruction! Torn limb from limb, squeezed and stretched to oblivion and very nearly being KO’d outright by her, this is truly “An “Old” School Beatdown” if there ever was one! Meiko learns the hard way to watch her mouth around those that paved the way for her here!

This one features a VERY dominant and at times downright evil Sarah! For those that enjoy her kicking ass and taking names with no mercy whatsoever, you’ll want to get a look at this video!


Belly Punching, Boston Crab, Camel Clutch, Face Sitting (Front & Reverse), Face Slamming, Grapevine Pin, Hair Pulling, Kneeing, Rear Naked , Leg Nelson, Schoolgirl Pin, Scissors (Head (Front, Figure-Four (Side, Reverse, Front), Reverse) & Body (Side)), Surfboard Stretch (Side)

(Shot in 4K)