Sherry Stunns vs Loosey Lu Catfight!

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Sherry Stunns vs. Loosey Lu


Loosey Lu has been fucking Sherry Stunns man in “Hands Off My Husband Bitch”, and Sherry isn’t gonna stand for it, confronting her in a wild lingerie catfight! She’s fucking furious! Loosey doesn’t quite understand Sherry’s anger at first, but once she’s attacked and the fight begins, she has no choice but to take her seriously! Is Sherry able to succeed in taking a pound of flesh from Loosey for fucking with someone that doesn’t belong to her? Or does Loosey make her wish she hadn’t came at her instead?

Really physical and intense action in this personal and extremely catty brawl! Sherry and Loosey battle all over the mats, tearing at their bras so their big tits are exposed along the way, and the sounds that come out of them practically echo off the walls! Catfight purists can’t go wrong with this one!