Bella ink vs Kathy Owens First Boob Match Destruction

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It’s happened to innocent Christian Kathy Owens again! She’s found herself in yet another unwanted first boob match in “First Boob Match Destruction”, and like her previous opponent Jezabel Romo, she is facing someone more than capable of really hurting her in the rough and sadistic Bella Ink! And trust me, Bella lives up to that reputation and then some here! Jezabel roughed her up good in her last match like this, but it’s nothing like what Bella does to her!

Bella is not one to play games as those who have seen a lot of her past work know, and she isn’t about to start here against Kathy! She beats her up in a way that only Saharra could say she did before! And like in that matchup that is soon to be released, this one also ends with Kathy on the mat KO’d! She may have wanted to keep herself pure in the eyes of the Lord, but against the not so Christ like Bella (who incidentally shows off her own specially bought tits very proudly during this beatdown), that had no chance in hell of happening!

This is easily the most physical First Boob match we’ve ever had to date! Probably won’t see one this intense for a good while, if we ever manage to equal or surpass it at all!