Lela Beryl And Layla Moore vs Jerry

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Jerry doesn’t think very much of his two opponents for the day, Lela Beryl and Layla Moore. He thinks just because of their looks and lack of “proper” wrestling singlets, they couldn’t possibly take him down in a wrestling match. Well he may want to think again about that! In “A Lesson Learned”, not only do the offended women take him down, they knock him out too! A bigger slice of humble pie we’ve not seen served!

Layla sets the tone early for this humiliation, tossing the cocky Jerry to the mat like he was a pile of garbage, and quickly putting him in a Rear Naked. Some tough guy! Not even a minute into the match and he’s already in trouble!

Letting off after a little bit, sparing him the brain damage that he’d surely have if held on much longer, Layla switches from that to a Body Scissor, taking advantage of her thick legs to squeeze poor Jerry’s ribs. As she does that, Lela gets in on the action for the first time, kicking Jerry several times in the balls! And believe me it won’t be the last time they are targeted!

When Jerry is let up, he complains that the girls aren’t fighting fair. This leads to them challenging him to show them what he’s got. It’s one thing to talk, another to fight! Jerry readily locks up with Lela after the request, eager to prove he can handle the bemused pair. This test of strength doesn’t exactly go as he imagined it might though! Soon enough he’s caught in a Front Facelock from Lela! And he thought he could beat these two? Doesn’t look like he can come close!

As Lela holds him in this position and she and Layla tease him about how weak he is, Layla adds insult to injury, grabbing at his beard! Mighta been a smart idea to trim that before this match Jerry!

After Lela breaks the facelock, it’s double scissor time next! As Jerry lay there writhing in pain and practically pleading for some type of mercy to be shown on him, Lela puts on a Body Scissor, while Layla takes his head with a Head Scissor! This is about the worst punishment he’s suffered yet! And they’re nowhere near done with him!

Layla ups the ante following the scissor torment, grinding her super-sized ass right in Jerry’s face in a degrading Ass , while Lela sits on his back. Jerry can barely stand this! He’s practically knocked straight out by this as a matter of fact! Unfortunately even this near passing out isn’t enough to stop the onslaught against him! Actually, it makes it even worse yet, because the girls think maybe he was enjoying Layla’s ass in his face just a little too much!

As a penance for that, Lela hits him with repeated Belly Punches, Ball Stomps and Ball Kicks, as Layla encourages her and hurts him herself with a Titty Twister, a Stomach Claw and what else but more Ass pressure?

Course, all good things must come to an end eventually....Jerry isn’t worthy of having Layla’s ass in his face too too long anyway, the sex starved pervert that he surely is! Thus it’s back to more conventional pain, with another Head Scissor from Lela, and Layla’s dirty sweaty bare feet being shoved right into his face and mouth! It’s hard to say which was worse, Layla’s sweaty ass in his face, or this! Maybe it was a tie! Either way, sucks to be Jerry about now!

After suffering that last indignity, it’s decided that perhaps poor pathetic Jerry has suffered enough! It’s time to put him out of his misery and knock him out! Going back to the Ass r method coupled with a second Body Scissor by Lela, it doesn’t take all that long before Jerry has gone night night! Such a tough guy he is...not! And as a final insult to leave video proof of this “toughness”, Lela and Layla leave to get their phones, so that they can take some pictures of Jerry’s KO’d body! We somehow doubt he’ll ever cross these two again!

This domination has a nice of mix of action in it! With the offense ranging from Feet Attacks, to Ass pressure, to various Scissors and even just some flat out Punching and Kicking assaults (and that’s not even mentioning the KO finish), you’re bound to find at least one thing to enjoy out of this one!

(Shot in 4K)