Jasmin Jai And Angel Lee vs Maria Jade And Gia Love

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Good girls & bad girls go to war in an epic tornado tag team catfight in bikinis in “Morality Battle”, as the innocent girls Jasmin Jai and Angel Lee battle the “Porn Posse” pair of Maria Jade & Gia Love! Jasmin and Angel look down on Maria and Gia for “sucking dick to make money”, while Maria and Gia simply think they are hating on them because they’re jealous. With the battle lines drawn, who ends up victorious in this personal and wild catfight brawl?

The action in this one is fast and furious to say the least! With lots of Double Teaming, Belly Punching, Hair Pulling, C\ (Throat and Rear Naked), Wedging, Breast Grabbing, Breast pressure, Head Slamming, Fish Hooking, Face Sitting, Body Scissors, Spanking and a TON of screaming and shouting to go with it all, this is one crazy fight! You’ll barely be able to follow everything happening in one viewing it happens so fast! The bikini tops being worn hardly last it either, as everyone’s tits take turns being exposed over the duration of this insane mat battle!

Which team takes the win when everything finally settles down? Does the “Porn Posse” defend their job successfully, or do the sweet and nice good girls disprove the adage that nice girls finish last?

Definitely one of the more frenetic matches we’ve shot at WMW! It will surely become a favorite of yours once you see it!