Allie Parker vs Sarah Brooke In A Steel Cage!

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More Than Just A Pro Wrestler! (CAGE MATCH; DOMINATION)

In “More Than Just A Pro Wrestler”, standing in our cage, Sarah Brooke spots Allie Parker outside it doing some kickboxing training with a heavy bag, and makes the mistake of deciding to challenge the pro wrestler to step inside with her for an MMA style battle. She doesn’t feel Allie can really do anything being just a “fake” pro wrestler, but once the match starts she realizes she shoulda thought twice about that belief and underestimating her! A “fake” pro wrestler she may indeed be, but it doesn’t mean she can’t fight!

Allie shocks Sarah with a vast array of grappling skills, and a little bit of her “fake” pro wrestling ability as well just to show her the real pain it can cause! Sarah can be pretty cocky at times, and in this case that cockiness bit her right in the ass! Made to tap to the superior fighter on this day, no doubt she will respect Allie and for that matter pro wrestlers in general, a hell of a lot more after being thoroughly schooled by her here! The idea that someone like her can’t compete for real is completely shattered in this contest!

It doesn’t occur often, but this is one case where ALLIE is doing the dominating for a change! For those that would prefer to see her in charge every once in a while, this is the match for you!