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Back at it again! Vegas time wasn't enough, clearly, and br.other and s.ister needed to play again! Though we never fucked, I couldn't get the delicious taste of my b.rother's cock out of my mind. And with our parents gone for Halloween, it's the perfect time for the sinful siblings to "finish what we started".

I pretend to need a ride to a Halloween party knowing full well my big br.other is going to want something in return... my sweet young pussy... He can't resist my slutty little pirate trap. I know how fucking sexy I look and played my horny bro.ther perfectly.

My br.other tastes even better than I remember as I slobber all over his cock before he talks his way into letting me slip his mast between my legs. I didn't need much convincing. I have been craving to feel that long dick split me open. It's finally happening. I can't help but cream all over br.other's cock in minutes. After fucking s.ister from behind and blowing a big load all over my perfect bubbly ass, one thing's for sure, these siblings are only going to want more...

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