Little Red's Locktober Jerk Over!!

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Brook Logan United Kingdom Joined 04/02/2018 1:44 pm

Ha ha ha ha Its LOCKTOBER MONTH!!!!! For this whole entire month you wont be wanking that pathetic cock of yours!!!! I have the key, i have the power and i am in control of your caged cock!!!! ha ha ha ha Now i am going to really tease you because i just love teasing and being a complete bitch!!! ha ha knowing you cannot wank your cock!!! Watch me , look at my sexy body that you want to jerk to so badly but you cant!! ha ha ha Look at your caged keys resting on my sweet little pussy!!! ha ha ha Awh its torch er for you isn't it!! ha ha ha I know you want me to release your pathetic cock, so you can jerk it silly for me but NO!!!!!!! For you its Locktober JERK OVER!!!!! ha ha ha!!!

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