Kaci Lennox vs Ariel Dominguez

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(Mixed Singles Match, Grudge Match, Big vs Small, BBW, Interracial, Stripping)

Kaci Lennox is pissed off at Ariel Dominguez over being fast counted out in a previous match vs Kathy Owens in “Wrestler vs Referee: A Wrestler’s Shot At Revenge”, and not satisfied at his explanation of said count attacks him to try and make him pay! It turns out to be a little easier said than done though for her!

It doesn’t look that way for a while, as emblazoned by rage over the perceived screwjob, Kaci punishes the smaller Ariel for quite some time. However, eventually Ariel begins to fight back! He isn’t able to do much at first, but slowly but surely, even as his referee’s shirt gets stripped away, he makes this match just a touch more competitive! Does he have it in him to fully complete his comeback? Or does he run out of gas?

Interesting mixed match here! It starts off one-sided, but ends up much closer than it appeared it might be!