Salina De La Renta vs Zeda Zhang

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(Women’s Singles Match, Squash, Multiple KO’s)

Zeda Zhang is in the ring for a match with Salina De La Renta in “Learning The Ropes”, and she quickly finds out that Salina is not playing with her! She has a strict set of rules in fact on hand, and Zeda is going to have to listen to them! Zeda though isn’t thrilled with this proposition whatsoever! It’s not even her ring she’s standing in, even if Zeda claims otherwise!

Zeda is steadfast on this though, Salina WILL respect her and her rules. And if she wants to claim “her ring” otherwise she’ll have to beat her first! But Zeda ensures that that doesn’t happen here, taking control of her early and often in a match that sees Salina get knocked out several times! Mind you, Salina DOES fight back a little bit....even scoring a knock out of her own....but this match is all about Zeda! Salina is taught a heavy lesson in respect in this one!

KO’s fans should love this bout, as it has lots of them!