Chasyn Rance vs Sarah Brooke

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Sarah’s Backbreaking Pro Wrestling Training! (MIXED; SUPLEXES)

Pro wrestling novice Sarah Brooke is in Chasyn’s ring for a lesson in the art of pro-style action. Little does she know, she’s in for some pain unlike anything she’s EVER experienced before! She has loads of real fight experience, but not even the most extreme match she’s had could prepare her for what she goes through here in “Sarah’s Backbreaking Pro Wrestling Training”!

The main focus of this training session is centered around Suplexes. You’ve heard of Brock Lesnar taking his opponents to “Suplex City”? Well you might say that Chasyn takes Sarah to his version of that in this! Using a series of Vertical and Snap Suplexes on poor Sarah after an initial hard Body Slam out of a tie up, Chasyn absolutely DESTROYS her back! She can hardly stand the hurt each one inflicts on her! It gets so bad, that she pleads for some type of respite! She’d much rather go through ANY catfight than this type of punishment!

And when Chasyn isn’t Suplexing her to hell, he’s either Body Slamming her again, causing even further damage to her back, or worse yet....hitting her with a Backbreaker! These aren’t exactly the breaks Sarah had in mind when she asked for them! She may well be left with long term damage to her back after Chasyn is done putting her through these paces!

Then to top it all put a cherry on the whole absolutely brutal assault, Chasyn puts her in a Rack! Sarah can only moan out in agony from this hold, just wanting things to end, as she is completely miserable!

Chasyn drapes her over the ropes in one of the corners after he’s done with her, and there Sarah is left to contemplate what just happened! And it’s safe to say, that after this beating, Pro Wrestling just isn’t for her! She’ll stick to the real thing any day of the week!

See Sarah get fucked up in a way you’ve never seen before! You’ll hardly believe your eyes!

(Shot in 4K)