The Poison Ivy Therapy guise - no man can RESIST Me.

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Commissioner Gordon, having just finished assisting Batman in taking down the the infamous Joker and his sexy, crazy partner in crime and mayhem, Harley Quinn, is suffering as a result of their attempts to screw with his head. His physician, concerned for his health, refers him to a psychologist to help him learn to relax. She's exactly what the poor Commissioner needed and everything she says makes perfect sense. Little does he know, his new psychologist is actually the devious, manipulative, powerful, and Mindfuck Poison Ivy whom Harley has used her connections at Gotham General to smuggle in undercover. She needs a powerful partner to help her takeover the city and to use for her pleasure and Gordon is the perfect man for the job. He'll get the relaxation and satisfaction he needs and all it will cost him is his mind. (Included in this file: conversational mind domination, covert mindfucking, shiny pendant inductions, trigger therapy, erotic orgasms, sensual Executrixx)

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