Wednesday Adams SPH

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You have been wanting to show off your cock to me and all the girls at college, finally its just you and me in a room together! I can be the first who you show off your cock to!! Come on pull down those trousers and let me see it!! You have been bragging about showing it off it must be so big!!! OH MY GOD!!!! What the hell is that!? That is so tiny and pathetic!!! what happend to your cock? did it just not grow!? And you actually want to show that tiny thing off to all the girls!!!! ha ha ha ha ha that is hilarious!!! You do know everyone will know what a B*** cock you have!!! Your never going to get laid, having that as your cock!! You will need a dick enlargement if your ever going to want to get laid! ha ha ha Because that cock is the smallest thing iv ever seen!!! ha ha ha No woman will ever want to fuck you!! ha ha ha ha Your dick is useless to all women!!!! ha ha ha ha

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