Dirty Womb Raider back from the mission

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Based on Lara Croft/Tomb Raider our Womb Raider gets back hom from the mission hot and sweaty and a bit dirty/muddy. She examines the artifact when it suddenly casts a spell on her. Lucky for her it’s a sex curse xD She can’t control herself and gets so horny she tears her clothes off and play with herself using fingers, fist and HER GUN! and end with using the artifact to make herself cum (pussy and anal) After she cum [Squirt to break the spell ] the spell is lifted so she feels a bit embarrassed and wears her shirt again...but instead of throwing it away she ended with a naughty smile and decided to keep it for future use. Please review my vids if you enjoy and appreciate all my efforts, my time and my soul I put into my works and be nice and generous to not share my content with anyone else.

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